Quick Overview
  • Automatic operation
  • Indoor use
  • Easy to install
  • 10 year lifetime
  • No maintenance costs
  • Effect: all types of fire A, B, C, F, in automatic mode of operation for extinguishing elektrical fires
  • Friendly to humans and the environment (without halons)
  • Can also be used as fire-extinguishing grenades
  • Made in Slovenia
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 90mm x ?60 mm
  • Total weight: 1030 g
  • Volume: 600 ml ampoule containing liquid extinguishing agent X-Fire in a sealed glass ampoule

The purpose of X-Fire: X-Fire ampoules are designed to automatically extinguishing fires in small confined areas where potential sources of fire, usually electrical devices in continuous operation, but it is not guaranteed a permanent human presence. Are needed in all places where it is difficult access of people or if the opening accelerate the development of a fire in the room. Irreplaceable at all locations where it may first appear Exploding explosion, followed by a quick fire.

The ampoule is recommended for the installation of the following features: automatic mode , which means the effective extinguishing of small fires and the protection of property and lives in households, businesses, boaters and others., no false alarms , it is activated only if there has been an increase in temperature, the ampoule can be used by throwing the origin of the fire, due to the simplicity of the human factor accounted for panic or confusion, the aestheticand reminiscent of the lamp, it does not cause further damage in the fire, because the rest of the liquid easy to wipe, isenvironmentally friendly extinguishing agent ( safe for humans and the environment);

Life span:
  • It has a long lifespan (10 years)
  • no maintenance (care is necessary only that the glass is not damaged)
  • Easy installation and removal in case of relocation.

In Slovenia, the ampoule is tested at the Institute of Civil Engineering in Ljubljana (P 653/99-530-2: Firefighting oil in the kitchen, P 651/99-530-1: Firefighting flammable liquids). Based on the technical approval no. Relief GS 01 02 01 00, which was issued in 2001 by the Ministry of Defence, Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the ampoule is issued for a declaration of conformity.


Fire ampoules can be upgraded switch for activating the fire alarm at the fire headquarters, ampoule X-Fire may be protected by a safety net that prevents damage to glass, shoulder bag for storing vials if it carries with it the security guard at the longer rounds.

Way of using of X-Fire:
  • automatic fire extinguishing
  • direct using as an extinguisher (mobil extinguishing)
  • dilution with water
Automatic fire extinguishing:

The characteristic way of using X-Fire:

The X-Fire is installed with the attached rack in the place needs defence. When the fire breaks out it heating the X-Fire 90 C°, and the components of the chemical liquid burst the special glass of the container and the fire extinguishing liquid is sprinkled into the fire through the flame.

It formes coating on the surface of the firing material for a short time then dissolves. Because of the dissolving reduces the heat in the ground of burning (hot von el az egesterbol) and the dissolved fire extinguishing material - in the course of chemolysis and transformation procession - reduces the amount of oxygen with 2-3% in the combustion chamber and then breaks off the chain reaction of the burning with anticatalystic processions.

Because of the conjugated effects above mentioned the X-Fire extinguishes the fire extremly fast (even within seconds). Because of the little deoxygenation the humans and living beings are not hurt.

Direct using of X-Fire as fire extinguishing grenade (mobile extinguishing)

Sometimes it happens that the fire breaks out not in the area protected by the X-Fire. Taking out the ampoule from its rack and throwing into or near the fire it exerts its fire extinguishing effect inmediately. In this case it does not lose its fire extinguishing ability and effectiveness but the intervention is faster.

Where the place of origin of the fire can be hardly defined in advance and fast fire spreading can be expected, it is possible to prepare for this case by setting X-Fire ampoules in containers for mobile extinguishing aims.

Dilution of X-Fire with water

If we mix the chemical liquid of X-Fire with a bucket of water (10-12l) we will get such a mixture which multiplicates the effect of the extinguishing compared with the extinguishing with normal water. This fact is clearly supported by scientific investigations and practical experiences

The water-mixed chemical solution keeps its effectiveness +for 24 hours after breaking the ampoule.

The X-Fire extinguisher ampoule's automatic activation
What happens if the fire breaks out in a closed area protected by X-Fire?

Due to fire the temperature increases and as a result of it the extinguisher liquid also gets warming and expanding in the ampoule. When the temperature of the lipuid gets 85C+/- 5C it is converted into vapour and as a result of the changing of the lipuid state a pressure will be generated/created which breaks the glass into pieces. The vapour spurts in the area starting endoterm processes which take energy/power from the fire and thus they prevent the process of the burning variously and very effectively.

It formes coating on the surface of the firing material for a short time then dissolves. Because of the dissolving reduces the heat in the ground of burning and the dissolved fire extinguishing material - in the course of chemolysis and transformation procession - reduces the amount of oxygen with 2-3% in the combustion chamber and then breaks off the chain reaction of the burning with anticatalystic processions

The chemical reactions which /produce the extinguishing effect of X-Fire The unique extinguishing effect of the X-Fire automatic fire extinguisher is ensured by the chemical liquid filled in the ampoule which is getting to open-air followed by quadruple chemical reaction.

  • Cooling effect: heating carbamide it dissolves carbon dioxide and ammonia taking great amount of heat from the combustion chamber:


  • Asphyxiate effect I: further dissolving of ammonia to nitrogen and steam. It takes oxygen from the air (about 2-3%).


  • Asphyxiate effect II: as the liquid also contains sodium-hydrogen-carbonate, which due to the heat dissolves sodium-carbonate, water and carbon dioxide, it draws out the asphyxiate effect steadily.


  • Covering effect: due to the heat produced by burning, the third important additional material, the chemical reactions of sodium-silicate finish the process of burning. The sodium-silicate dissolving silicon-oxide, the 'kvarchomok' react with sodium-oxide (which have fixed before carbon-dioxide because of the great affinity), and comes to sodium-silicate, which sticks like glass onto the burning material.


  • The remaining materials after extinguishing are not harmful, they don't cause damage in electronical and electric systems. It can be cleaned down simply.

    Due to the endoterm reaction, as a side-effect, small amount of sodium and carbon-dioxide are produced. The function of them is to prevent getting of oxygen to the combustion chamber. The no dissolving materials creat protected coating on the surface of the extinguishing liquid. This prevents breaking out the area, again.

    In a fire in a confined space with increasing temperature in the room is heated and extinguishing liquid in a glass ampoule stretches. Extinguishing liquid at a temperature of approx. 85-90° C stretching causes the glass to shatter and liquid drops in a place where begins endothermic process which causes fire or energy deprivation. currently chilling in the room.As a byproduct of endothermic reaction is released in small quantity of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which have the task to encase the access of oxygen to the burning area. On the surface of the liquid fire, liquid form of undecomposed material protective film, that prevents re-ignition. During operation (heating) begin to break down chemicals. Increased expansion pressure crushed ampoule containing chemicals, they are dispersed in space. Pressure increase and diffusion area shown in the diagrams below. Distribution content extinguisher after dispersal is presented and evaluated in the following diagram and weighted averages based on tests in different situations. averages are taken into account in different circumstances.

Comparison of extinguishing effect
Comparison of advantages or disadvantages of the different fire classes:

  • A - common fire (solid flammable substances)
  • B - burning of flammable liquids (fuel)
  • C - flammable gas
  • F - fire made of vegetal fats and kitchen fats

The X-Fire ampoule works with great in security in automatic mode of operation by extinguishing ELECTRICAL FIRES. It is recommended to install X-Fire ampoules for Safe Keeping and protect electrical devies, computer centres, transformers and electrical distributor systems (till 60 000 V.)

wooden material very good good bad good
paper, textil, fabrics very good good bad good
clothes, bed linen very good good bad good
rubber, celluloid very good good bad good
plastic very good good good good
petrol good bad good good
food greases very good bad good good
other oils very good bad good good
vegetal fats, kitchen fats very good bad good good
Categorisation of burning materials:


  • hard wood, beech wood, kitchen furniture, logs, sawdust, dry grass, wooden coats, log cabins, tree bark, wooden splinters, wooden door, wooden staircases, packing cases, bamboo products and other common wooden materials...
  • cotton material, clothes, rugs and carpets, curtains, waste material, waste paper, paper bags, common paper products, dry glass, wall papers, spring mattresses
  • bedclothes, mattresses
  • rubber and artificial and natural rubber products
  • plastic materials of all types


  • petrol, flammable liquids, kerosene, paints and lacquers with organic liquefiers and other organic liquefiers, alcohol, leaking chemicals and mineral oils (category A)
  • animal and vegetal fats
  • plastic and synthetic materials that make the influence of water melt and burn like melted substances (pafaffin)


  • vegetable oil, kitchen fat
Installation of fire AMPOULE X-Fire

The speciality of the device (beside the effectiveness and ABCF extinguishing ability) is in the automatic extinguishing ability. First of all it is unique in extinguishing of local fires without human intervention. These advantages can be reached only by suitable setting.

Standards for installation of fire X- Fire:
  • A-class fire: the volume of 8m3 or 4m2 surface of the enclosure
  • B-class fire: 44x44 cm flammable liquid burning area ampoule is stuck in the bracket, which is pre-installed with the bolt of a potential source of fire, wall, ceiling, and a computer cabinet, control cabinet with main fuse, compensatory omare. Takno installation allows that the liquid in the ampoule rapidly reach the activation temperature.
Examples of installing ampoules in households:
  • under the hood, boiler: oil burners of the stove or in the case of solid fuels.
Examples of installing ampoules in business :
  • Kitchen: a kitchen above the stove, the kitchen in restaurants under the hood to areas deep fryer, stove and grill plates,
  • continued functioning computers: in the above cabinet or on the wall above them, if they are outside cabinets, electrical appliances and machines in places where there is no guaranteed permanent human presence,
  • electrical cabinets and compensation: the cabinets above
  • boiler room above the burners
  • laboratory fume cupboards
  • paint shop
  • installation shafts
  • lower (especially convenient) storage of flammable liquids
  • engine cranes
  • aggregates for replacement electricity
  • archives
  • Vacation home (kitchen, boiler room, termoakumolacijske furnace, etc.)
  • for use by throwing: at security or. emergency service, fire department, and the fire risk locations with more permanent presence of people.
Examples of installing ampoules in marine :
  • spaces with engines
  • kitchen

Expert advice: It is provided by our experts, who were acquainted with ampoules in testing fire fighting various materials and can assist you in determining the locations of X- Fire of your choice and made ??a school user, you can also arrange for professional installation ampoules.


Studies and tests have shown that the design and installation of fire ampoule X-Fire, the following:

  • Always attach the ampoule (envisage the installation location) in the dedicated carriers.
  • Ampoule should always be on the wall in a horizontal position. It is necessary to note the position of the grooves (ampoule should be stuck to the top) and the distance from ceiling (10 cm). Maximum ceiling height for installation is 2.5 m.
  • Ampoules, the number that is determined by the size of the room, placed near potential sources of ignition and above any heating devices or. electrical appliances. In order to reliably extinguished volume count 8m3 (general instructions). In directing the operation of the extinguishing spray that occurs upon activation of the ampoule, and the effect can be optimal even in a small number of built-in ampoules according to the volume of the space to be protected by an automatic extinguishing agent X-Fire.
  • For the method of throwing is necessary ampoule placed in a manner that may be detachable from the carrier and at the same time protected from possible damage.
  • The temperature of the space in which the ampoule is fitted, should not be lower than -23 C, as to prevent freezing of the liquid.

To calculate the required number of ampoules use efficiency diagram (see: operation). When setting up is certainly necessary to consider the overlap, so that the protection against fire extinguishing media covers potential focus in its entirety.In addition to the primary extinction of fire shall also provide protection against re-ignition.

As a guideline to properly place the number of ampoules in a specific area in terms of its importance as upon the following empirical rules:

  • HOTEL SECURITY: Guest room: 1 piece / 4 m2, one additional piece of handy kitchen Corridors: 1 piece every 2 current meter Cuisines a: 1 piece in each ventilating (hood) and some additional risk in the individual areas (notably where larger quantities of food grease and these are chefs usually near an open flame
  • Clinics and hospitals: In modern clinics and hospitals are visible sprays (sprinklers) and their mandatory installation in older buildings is quite a challenge, can present a huge financial burden for the investor. In such cases, we present an optimal solution X-Fire: Smaller departments: 1 piece / 4 m2, Large sections: 2 pcs / 4 m2, Hall: 1 piece every 2 current meters, Staff rooms: 1 piece / 4 m2 Kitchen: 1 piece / 4 m2, 1 piece in each passage, extra protection around the kitchen,boiler room: 2 pcs / 4 m2, Fuel depot: 2 pcs / 4 m2, 1-2 pieces of the fuel tank
  • In the NAVIGATION SYSTEM: In Japan, X-Fire mandatory for every small vessel, regardless of whether it is a fishing boat or a yacht vacation. As the main protection is installed in the engine room of vessels. Only these are, in fact, deliberately called "X-Fire space." X-Fire with highly effective fire on electrical installations and fire fuels and oils are most appropriate for such spaces. Number of ampoules should be carefully considered and planned. In the case of fires caused by electrical appliances, we must remember that X-Fire acts as a spray that does not cause electric sparks and short circuits on the appliances. She is also an ideal replacement for water dispenser (sprinkerje) on large ships: Transmission: 1-2 pieces / 4 m2, depending on the size of the room, Engine: 1-2 pcs / m2 4 Small engine: 2-6 pieces, depending on size engine type (gasoline / diesel) Cockpit: 1 piece / 8 m2. Number Increase the emphasis on ventilation and drafts.
  • APARTMENTS AND HOUSES: Kitchen: pieces / 4 m2, smaller hood: 1 piece for the standard stove (4 plates), Greater hood: 2 pieces of stove over 4 plates, boiler room : 1 piece / 4 m2. 1 piece of the fuel tank, Living room: 1 piece / 4 m2. 1 piece above the fire risk places such as: fireplace, gas or paraffin lamp, electrical appliances that emit heat (radiators, fan ...), etc.., Storeroom: 1 piece / 4 m2, one additional piece of every potential focal Fuel storage: 2 piece / 4 m2, loft: 1 piece / 4 m2, Stairways: 1 piece every floor, vertical shafts: 1 piece every floor, horizontal wells: one piece per 4-8 m2 floor area
  • PREMISES: Computer room : pcs/ 4 m2, one additional piece of every potential focal Guest room: 1 piece/ 4 m2,Kitchenette : 1 piece / 4 m2, aerator / hood - 1 pc above the cooker, boiler room: 2 piece / 4 m2, small warehouse: 1 piece / 4 m2
  • INDUSTRIAL SECURITY AND LABORATORIES: Large enclosed spaces in terms of fire quite similar open space in a measure of spread and fire-fighting. X-Fire for large areas, it is not as efficient as in small confined spaces. Therefore predict a greater number of ampoules. The basic data are: fume hood: 1 piece for the standard cabinet., laboratory countertops : * 1-2 pcs/ 4 m2, the area under the 2x2 m and 2.5 m ceiling height: ** 1 piece /4 m2 area of 2x2 m and below 10x5 m, ceiling height of 2.5 m: ** 2 pcs /4 m2 area of 10x5 m and below 20x10 m, ceiling height of 2.5 m: ** 3 pcs /4 m2, Paintshop: 1 piece /4 m2 drying tunnel: 1 piece /4 m2, fillers aerosols: 1 piece /4 m2
  • Shop: Textiles: 1 piece/ 4 m2, paper: 1 piece/ 4 m2, Kiosks: 1 piece/ 4 m2 * - additional to throw into the fire 1-2 pcs in each laboratory, ** - in laboratory premises is necessary clearance spaces 3 m
  • TRANSPORT - VEHICLES: Trucks and trailers (cargo space metal construction): 2 - 4 pieces Trailers: 2 - 4 pieces Passenger vehicles: 2 - 4 pieces for buses (fire method of throwing). By standardizing X-Fire ampoules, which represent an alternative stable system and supplements prescribed for initial extinguishing agent (powder extinguishers) - required significantly lower installation and maintenance costs - inspection or restoration of ampoules (50%) for every five (5) years, Rail Wagons: 1 piece/ 4 m2, Military Vehicle: Cab: 1 piece, part of Transport: 1 piece / 4 m2
  • fire ampoules can be upgraded switch for activating the fire alarm at the fire headquarters
  • ampoule X-Fire may be protected by a safety net that prevents damage to the glass
  • shoulder bag for storing vials if it carries with it the security guard at the longer rounds
The arguments for using X-Fire automatic fire-extinguisher
  • Automatic usage in closed area. X-Fire automatic fire-extinguisher (further on X-Fire) starts to function when the temperature of the liquid on the ampoule reaches 90°C. X-Fire has a high efficiency by extinguishing A, B, C and F types of fires as well as by fires caused by electronic devices.
  • X-Fire liquid filled in the 600 cm3 ampoule, taking out from its rack it can be> used as a extinguishing grenade
  • The extinguishing liquid mixed with water multiplicates the extinguishing efficiency of the water.
  • X-Fire is aesthetic, satisfies all requirements of hotels and other institutions's higher demands. It is made by japanese manufacturing technology and has strict quality control. It is an ISO qualification and slovenian product
  • The installation is simple, necessary just 2 screws. Takes up small place
  • It can work even in extreme weather conditions (from -23 °C to +80 °C) and operates reliably.
  • X-Fire does not need to lay down a cabel so it is independent of any power or water pipe.
  • If X-Fire is installed as a fire extinguisher system it does not need any maintenance, in comparaison with SPRINKLER System which regularly needs maintenance work by experts.
  • In case of using by throwing it there is no need knowledge of fire-extinguishing, while the traditional equipments need. It can be used simply in case of panic situation.
  • It doesn't cause damage in electrical systems, machines, X-Fire may be installed for maintaining the safety of power stations with high-voltage (from 10 000 V to 60 000 V).
  • It is environment-friendly, it has no toxic effect on humans and other organisms and during its functioning, activating reduces the amount of oxygen just with 2-3% in the cumbustion chamber.
  • The special glass of the ampoule due to its material and specific heat treatment is broken into pieces without edges, that is why it doesn't cause injury.
  • There is no opportunity for failure, its warrant time is 10 years. X-Fire offers security against starting firs for 10 years. If one calculate the cost of the security which X-Fire offers for 10 years by high efficiency - what the TRIGLAV Insurance Company risk acceptance' level confirms as well - X-Fire is the less expensive automatic fire extinguisher (about 1/month).
  • Using the traditional extinguishers the damages caused by extinguishing are often more serious than the damages caused by the fire itself. X-Fire doesn't cause secondary damages.
  • The remnants of the extinguishing can be used as communal wast
Ampoule automatically extinguishes the fire

Hand Held Fire Extinguisher (Shield)

Effective product for extinguishing all kinds of initial fires

  • Facilitate fighting fire from a distance of about 15 & 20 feet indoor
  • Single Hand Operation and multi-angle discharge facilitating & extinguishment of ceiling height fires
  • One extinguisher to handle multiple type of fire risk such as Cooking Oil fire (Class F) & Live Electrical fire (class E), and Class A, B and C.
  • No Re-ignition of fire as the extinguishing agent forms a thin film on the surface.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Bio degradable & negligible residual after use
  • 4 to 6 units of hand-held fire extinguishers are packaged in a strong bag to facilitate carrying it to the fire spot easily.
Way of using of X-Fire:
  • Manually. We remove the safety switch
  • and We point a sprayer to the way of a fire
  • While pressing on the handle to extinguish a fire, with the distance of at least 1 meter..
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Human and environment friendly.
  • Reusable
Extinguishing effect
  • Containment: 600 ml of liquid X-Fire BONPET
  • Reach: 4 meters
  • Time of extinguishing: 40 seconds
Installation of fire Spray
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
How to use Fire Spray


With the “throw and extinguish” way we have added a new dimension of convenience and safety.

  • Another innovative ampoule design made with Shatteract plastic resin makes it possible to fight fire by throwing the cartridge against fire from a safe distance
  • Shatteract ampoule breaks only during impact but can withstand normal handling and storage
  • Portable and light weight 600g
  • Rapid Fire Extinguishment
  • No. of ampoules depending upon the size and intensity of fires
  • Fights class A, B and C fires
  • Complete Maintenance free for 5 years
  • Eco friendly and non- hazardous
Rapid Catridge
Way of using of X-Fire:
  • The grenade is thrown in to the source of a fire.
  • The grenade can be thrown in to the source of a fire.
  • Does not cause any damages during the fire extinguishing and its remaining components are easily cleaned.
  • Human and environment friendly.
  • 5-years product life expectancy and 2-year warranty.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Easy to assemble or dismantle.
Extinguishing effect
  • Dimension: 200 mm x 60 mm
  • Combined weight: 600 g
  • Volume: grenade contains 500 ml of liquid X-Fire BONPET in plastic ampoule
Installation of fire Spray
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
How to use Fire Spray

Emergency Fire Fighting System (Fire Trolley)

  • World’s first Battery OR Petrol Engine operated Emergency Fire Fighting System.
  • Would replace 45 conventional extinguishers
  • High pressure diaphragm pump with a flow rate of 25 liters per minute
  • System capacity of 150 liters would provide 6 minutes of fire fighting equivalent to 45 conventional extinguishers
  • Ideal for facilities without sprinkler or hydrant for Emergency Fire Response
  • Can lance a distance of 40 feet as against 3 to 5 meters by conventional extinguisher
  • Both jet type as well as mist type of spraying is available
  • Trolley mounted provides mobility
  • Equipment warranty of 5 years and Liquid performance warranty of 7 years
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