Emergency Fire Fighting System (Fire Trolley)

Advantages of BONPET Liquid:
  • High efficiency by extinguishing A, B, C and F types of fire
  • 7 years warranty
  • Mixed with water makes water 20 times more effective.
  • Saves of the amount of water being used to take out a fire
  • The extinguishing liquid mixed with water can be used for Big Fires
  • Work even in extreme weather conditions (from -23 C to 80 C) & operates reliably
  • Readily available and most effective in fire fighting.
  • Causes less collateral damage than water extinguishing
  • Non Toxic and Eco-Friendly
Fire Trolley
Details of Emergency Fire Fighting System – Fire Trolley
  • World’s first Battery OR Petrol Engine operated Emergency Fire Fighting System.
  • Would replace 45 conventional extinguishers
  • High pressure diaphragm pump with a flow rate of 25 liters per minute
  • System capacity of 100 liters would provide 6 minutes of fire fighting equivalent to 45 conventional extinguishers
  • Ideal for facilities without sprinkler or hydrant for Emergency Fire Response
  • Can lance a distance of 40 feet as against 3 to 5 meters by conventional extinguisher
  • Both jet type as well as mist type of spraying is available
  • Trolley mounted provides mobility
  • Equipment warranty of 5 years and Liquid performance warranty of 7 years
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