Hydrocarbon Diesel Leak Detection System


This section of the specification covers the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and thereafter maintaining of the non-conductive hydrocarbon liquid leak detection system during and after defect liability period (DLP).

Installation of a Hydrocarbon Liquid Leak Detection System (HLLDS) is recommended for continuous protection from the risk of fuel and other oils (such as Diesel, Fuel, Crude Oil, Gasoline etc.) leaking from the storage tank, equipment, pipes, etc.

  • Reuseable Sensing Cable.
  • ELSA HLLDS System is 5 minutes as compared to 60 minutes for the competitor.

(Supervising And Locating Panel With Event Log)

Used in HLLDS:

  • LCD with backlight –4 lines, up to 35 characters
  • Monitoring units –up to 40 units of 3L-DF/SM50 modules.
  • Sensing Cable Length –up to 1,000m (25 m x 40pcs 3L-DF/SM50 Modules)
  • Cable break location identification.
  • Communication interface with BMS/EMS & High level RS485/Modbus interface protocol
  • 4 x Relay (2-Trouble relay & 2-Leak relay)
  • Alarm by Buzzer (90dB max.) and LED indicator

3L-DF/SM50:(Sensor Module)

  • Sensing Cable Length –up to 25m per module.
  • Visual Alarm by LED light indicator.

3L-HCS : Hydrocarbon Sensing Cable

  • Sensing technology: Based on semiconductiveelastomeric material swelling property when in contact with non-conductive liquids of hydrocarbon (such as Diesel, Fuel, Crude Oil & etc).
  • HCS cable shall consist of five wires enclosed within a PE braided sleeves (to protect the wires physically) throughout its whole length and terminated with a male and female connectors at each end respectively.
  • No false alarm : It is non-sensitive to water, dirt, pressure, vibration, etc.
  • High reliability: it remain reusable after simple cleaning solvents.

Typical response time :

  • Gasoline, Light Naphtha : 2 min 30 sec.
  • Diesel, Oil, Jet Fuel : 5 min.
  • Crude Oi l: 30 –60 min (depend on oil viscosity).

Typical diameter : 10 mm

Standard length : 2 m and 5 m (offer other customized length upon request)


3L-T/L(HCS):Labeling Tag (Self adhesive)

3L-T/L(HCS):Labeling Tag (Self adhesive)

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