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The Team at GEWINN Infra LLP (GIL) is young but with a huge experience into Marketing various Safety related products targeted towards Data Centres, Banking Industry, Malls, Hospitals etc. We Distribute / Market / Install & Undertake Servicing of Safety products all over India. Going forward we would like to launch innovative, environment friendly Safety related products in Indian Market focused towards Data Centres.

Elsa advanced systems is an engineering-focused company with a mission to protect key installations and assets from intrinsic or extrinsic damages caused by a liquid leak.

Naftosense designs and manufactures hydrocarbon leak detection systems based on addressable products which detect the presence of hydrocarbons such as refined fuel, light / heavy crude oils, lubricants, dielectric oils, solvents, and petrochemical compounds.

The X-FIRE a suspended module is a versatile FAIL SAFE fire safety device in the form of a compact cylinder with a spray nozzle & a Solenoid Actuator, filled with the BONPET flre extinguishing liquid under pressure. The modules are installed either locally, above the protected area, or throughout a room. Thanks to their small size, they can also be installed above a suspended ceiling, leaving only the nozzle visible from below.
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RR CAT Rodent Repellers – RR-S06, RR-S12, RR-S20 Master Consoles are high-frequency signal generators. These signals are fed to the transducers which in turn convert them into high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves The transducers emit intensive sound waves at high decibels that are audible and painful to rodents but are inaudible (complete silence to humans) and harmless to humans.
SENSE-WARE is a manufacturer of Flame Detectors and Test Lamps which sells high quality safety products since 2001. Our mission is to supply our customers products that fulfill their needs in the safest and most simple way. The key to our success is that we continuously update our technical knowledge on Flame Detectors and Test Lamps. We are an OEM selling through distributors and Private Label Resellers.

Fire Suppression System, Fire Alarm System, Aspiration Panel, Water leak detection system, Rodent Repellent system are some of the critical systems required for data centre applications.
BLAQ BOX controller offers a complete package of all the system under one roof, so that the user will have to just buy one product (single window solution) and all the systems can be covered.

Data Centers rely on uninterrupted power supply, Backup generators fueled by High-Speed Diesel (HSD) play a key role, Fuel polishing units purify stored HSD to prevent contamination, Clean fuel is vital for Data Centers’ smooth operation.
Every Motor Vehicle & Railway Tunnel must provide MAXIMUM extent of SAFETY to the passengers. An SOS CABIN is installed for this very reason, at regular intervals in the tunnels, with the aim to aid the passengers in an emergency situation by providing safety equipment and communication tools.

Our desire to provide innovative and collaborative solutions helps us transcend boundaries.

As an industrial conglomerate, we have a wide range of businesses, each of which affects a wide range of industries. While every industry is different, our innovative, collaborative and empathetic solutions make a significant mark across the board.

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