Fire Suppression System, Fire Alarm System, Aspiration Panel, Water leak detection system, Rodent Repellent system are some of the critical systems required for data centre applications.

BLAQ BOX controller offers a complete package of all the system under one roof, so that the user will have to just buy one product (single window solution) and all the systems can be covered.

BLAQ BOX Controller offers the following features:

Fire Suppression System 

Fire Suppression System covers the entire Containerised DC with 45 Kgs of X-Fire Modulars (15 Kgs * 3 Nos.) as a single zone and no sooner main panel gets inputs from Aspiration Panel or LHS Cables or Smoke Sensors (Cross Zoned) the System Activates and fills the entire Container with HFC 227ea or Equivalent Gas, thereby suppressing the Fire immediately and effectively.

Fire Alarm System

4 Smoke Sensors are mounted in the Containerised DC at strategic locations which activates the Fire Alarm once it detects smoke.

Aspiration System

UL Listed Aspiration Panel sucks the Air from all corners of the Container and process the same thru light Scattering Technology with Zero False Alarms.

Water Leak Detection system 

Smart Controller provides multiple zone water leak detection Analog solution with Fail Safe Loop Back arrangement, so that even in case the Cable breaks for any reason still the system performs.

Rodent Repellent System

The system offers capabilities of operating and monitoring the Rodent Repellent system with 4 Satellites or transducers mounted in the Container.

Temperature and Humidity monitoring

The user can track and monitor temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.

Emergency Push Button Station

The system can even act as an emergency push button station which can generate required alarms and same can be monitored remotely.

Touchscreen Display

We offer a 7” Touchscreen display with which the user can interact & monitor all the systems mentioned above.

Remote Connectivity

The product supports Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP for connectivity with Higher Level systems such as BMS/PLC/SCADA.

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