3L-SP/DP – Supervising Panel


  • Monitor up to 99 units (external) :(Either 3L-AP or 3L-DP or 3L-NDP.)
  • Max. accumulated length :sensing cable up to 20,000m (200m x 100)
  • LCD display :4 lines English characters. Each zone is programmable by software (up to 35 characters)
  • Event –Log (896 time-stamped events stored)
  • Failed-Safe Loop Back Feature (class A wiring system) :Continue to detect leak if there is a cable break.
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted manually.
  • Communication interface with BMS/EMS.
  • 2 x Dry contact relay for leaks.
  • 2x Dry contact relay for cable-break.
  • High Level interface protocol : RS485/Modbus.

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