RR CAT Rodent Repellers – RR-S06, RR-S12, RR-S20 Master Consoles are high-frequency signal generators. These signals are fed to the transducers which in turn convert them into high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves The transducers emit intensive sound waves at high decibels that are audible and painful to rodents but are inaudible (complete silence to humans) and harmless to humans.

An Innovative Technology, RR CAT Ultrasonic (Electronic) Rodent Repellent System

  • Protects IT infrastructure, server rooms, and cables against rats
  • Protects food and consumable products against rat contamination
  • Safeguards human health against spread of rat borne diseases
  • Protects commercial buildings from structural damages due to rats
  • Our ultrasonic products are safe for humans, kids and pets.

The System Consists of

  • RR CAT RR-S06 : 1 Master Console + 12 Transducers + Connecting Cable
  • RR CAT RR-S12 : 1 Master Console + 12 Transducers + Connecting Cable
  • RR CAT RR-S20 : 1 Master Console + 20 Transducers + Connecting Cable

The Master Controller is to be installed in the electrical room or UPS room and transducers are to be fixed in the rat problematic area. The Master console and transducers should be connected using cables. Stands and Brackets will be provided to install and fix the Main Master Console.

Each Transducer can protect up to 300 Sq Ft. in a normal floor, 150 Sq Ft. in false ceilings and

false flooring against rats. If there are any obstructions, partitions, or sound-absorbing material

within the room, the area covered will be considerably less, and additional transducers have to be installed.

  • Does not require a power supply, they are connected to the Master Console
  • Can be installed in sensitive areas also, since there are no electricity hazards
  • Can withstand high and low temperature
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