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Sensoleak has developed an innovative software solution for the energy and utility sectors, consisting of a real-time monitoring system that combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), engineering logic, physics and the internet of things (IoT) to detect and prevent failures of any kind.

A-LC6B, a Supervising Detection Panel, operates with sensing cable to detect and alarm of Water leaks

General Features


  • Cable Length -200 M / Zone
  • Communication Protocol- Pair serial RS-485 / MODBUS 
  • Supply Voltage- 230V AC – 50Hz +/- 10 %
  • SPDT single contact- NO-NC
  • Response Time- < 1 Sec
  • Current consumption- 0.4 Amp (standby)
  • Internal Sounder- Buzzer to indicate Leak
  • External dimension- 260 * 355 * 110 mm
  • Mechanical Construction- Strong, Twisted Pair
  • Protection- Anti-static & Surge Protection Technology

A-LC1D Is a distance type sensing cable used to detect water and

slightly corrosive and conductive liquids.


_ Application: Water and slightly corrosive conductive liquids

. Diameter size : 6.3mm average

. Continuity wires : Spirally-winded White & Red insulated with flame-retardant polymer

– Central core : Insulated AWG18 stranded copper wire for greater pulling resistance

| Sensing wires —: Spirally-winded 2 x Black wires, semi-conductive polymer

– Carrier : Flame-retardant polymer material with greenish colour in high visibility

‘ Fire resistance : Non-flame propagating and self-extinguishing

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