Every Motor Vehicle & Railway Tunnel must provide  MAXIMUM extent of SAFETY to the passengers. An SOS CABIN is installed for this very reason, at regular intervals in the tunnels, with the aim to aid the passengers in an emergency situation by providing safety equipment and communication tools.

As per Technical Specification 98, Technology Equipment Tunnels, SOS CABIN is a fundamental part of tunnel equipment. This SOS CABIN can be used for establishing telephonic communication between the passenger and the dispatcher via direct dialling. They are installed on one wall in one-way tunnels, and on two walls in two-way tunnels, always on the left-hand side in the traffic lane direction.


  • Alarm Button with Optical Cabling (connection confirmation) furnished with pictograms
  • 230 V and 3 x 230 / 400 V sockets
  • Telephone connection with Dispatcher
  • Equipped with :
    1)   Fire Extinguishers
    2)  Axe
    3)  First-Aid Box
    4)  Crowbar
    5)  LED Light with motion sensor
    6)  Sound-attenuated cabin
    7)  Photo luminescent Signages
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